Calinda Young

A recent resident of Louisville, Calinda has enjoyed learning about the incredible heritage, meeting the people and delving in as a resident of this great city. Originally from Michigan, she has lived in several states from Virginia to Oregon and loves her Kentucky home.  After reconnecting, Calinda is married to her high school sweetheart. Together she and her husband Jon have 5 grown children and they enjoy traveling to spend time with their family. A new grandmother, Calinda is ready to take a road trip and visit as often as time allows.

A former teacher of 27 years, Calinda has changed careers and is committed to teaching individuals not to fear to invest in their future.  As a Cancer survivor, it’s her passion to share opportunities for protecting family assets. Inspiring individuals to take charge of their financial future by protecting those that depend on them, which offers peace of mind should they find themselves amid a catastrophic event. Understanding the marketplace is flooded with voices, it makes it Calinda’s most significant accomplishment to work with families, individuals, and business owners, helping them find products that create, build, and preserve their legacy according to their wishes, which is what motivates her to be a constant student of the financial industry.

Living life to its fullest has become Calinda’s mantra. A recent member of the Prospect Chamber, Calinda feels very connected to her community and has enjoyed using this avenue to meet new people.  She volunteers with Friend for Life- which matches those newly diagnosed with Cancer to those that have survived or are continuing to fight their battle with the dreaded disease. Calinda’s wish is to give comfort to those who have heard those dreaded words and offer hope, a shoulder or a hand-written note just to say, “Thinking of you today”, words that truly make a difference in someone’s day that feels all alone and struggling through loneliness and pain. A journey she knows all too well.

Calinda is dancing for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Louisville- Derby City Chapter.  Sleep in Heavenly Peace was started in Idaho 4 years ago and is committed to doing all they can to make sure that all children have a safe place to lay their head.  Because too many children in our city go without a bed- or even a pillow and many sleep on couches, blankets or floors, which can affect their happiness and even their health – Calinda is dancing to provide resources to assist teams to build beds for these children.  As a former teacher, she knows all too well how important a good night’s sleep affects a child’s progress in the classroom. Their ability to focus and do their very best can be altered by something as simple as having their bed to get a good night’s rest. SHP is made up entirely of volunteers dedicated to building, assembling and delivering top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need.  Their motto is “NO KID SLEEPS ON THE FLOOR IN OUR TOWN!” So, when the idea of, “Who else could benefit from a bunk?”, was asked, many stepped forward.

We know that many lives can be changed forever- just ask those volunteers that have been fortunate enough to witness the faces of the children that have received their brand-new bed. Since children are our future, Calinda feels she needs to do all she can to ensure that the children in her community have the best start in life, even if its with something as simple as a cozy bed for a well-deserved nights rest.

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