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Gill Holland

Dancing For:

Louisville Film Society

Foster McCarl

Dancing For:

The Bluegrass Center
for Autism

Dr. Rishi Kumar

Dancing For:

Shively Area Ministries

Dr. Rishi, as he is known to his patients, is an ophthalmologist, specializing in glaucoma surgery in the Louisville area. A native of Louisville, he graduated from KCD high school. After high school he went to New York City to complete his undergraduate education at Columbia University. He then went to Washington D.C. to complete medical school and internship at George Washington University Medical Center. From there, he returned to New York to complete residency training in ophthalmology and then went on to Salt Lake City, Utah for his fellowship training in glaucoma surgery at the renowned Moran Eye Center. He returned to Louisville after being away for 15 years to join his father’s eye practice at the Kumar Eye Institute where he has been practicing since 2007. He performs over 500 cataract and glaucoma surgeries there every year and is also excited to be working with his older sister, Dr. Ashima Gupta, who is a pediatric ophthalmologist and has recently joined the Kumar Eye Institute. Together

Dr. Rishi has chosen to support his favorite local charity, the Shively Area Ministry (SAM) as he has served on the board of directors there for the past three years. He is especially excited to be dancing to raise money for this amazing charity that provides emergency, short-term and, in some cases, ongoing assistance to individuals and families in poverty and crisis in the Shively area. With services like its food pantry, meals on wheels, and rent assistance program, SAM provides direct aid to over 27,000 people every year.

Chad Acree

Dancing For:

The Alzheimer’s Association

Wendy Splan

Dancing For:

Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs

Wendy is Vice President-Wealth Management and Senior Portfolio Manager with UBS Financial Services here in Louisville. After working as a CPA in public accounting and managing corporate retirement plans, Wendy found her true passion as a financial advisor. Twenty-two years later Wendy is providing comprehensive and customized wealth management to successful individuals, families and businesses.

Wendy is a long time resident of Prospect where she lives with her husband Richard, co-owner of Westport Whiskey & Wine. They also share their home with Hobo, the rescued golden retriever and Tigger, the cat that showed up and wouldn't leave.

"I have chosen to dance for GRRAND - Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs. Having been associated with GRRAND for many years with three adopted goldens, I want to help this local and all volunteer organization raise money so that they can continue to rescue these wonderful dogs and provide joy to the families they become a part of. GRRAND is celebrating its 20th anniversary of improving the lives of golden retrievers and has placed over 4200 dogs in the Metro Louisville and surrounding areas. "

Missy Klein

Dancing For:

Angels in Disguise

Missy has called Louisville home for nineteen years. With a background in mortgage banking and a passion for housing, she has spent the last 10 years working with Lancaster Built Homes. Missy is also a licensed Real Estate agent with The Breland Group. Missy and Mitch Slaughter have four children, Trisha; a Freshman at KCTC, Brooke; a Freshman at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Mitchell; a Junior and North Oldham and Mia; a 5th grader at Harmony.

In her free time, Missy enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling to various wineries.

Missy has chosen “Angels in Disguise “as her charity. Angels in Disguise celebrates the gift of Down Syndrome. “As a child, I was blessed to have a friend with Down Syndrome. Kurt shared his unconditional love of life and others with us all, he brought such joy to our lives. “

Dr. Brian Proffitt

Dancing For:

The Arrow Fund

Born and raised in Kentucky, Dr. Brian Proffitt, attended the University of Kentucky for his undergraduate studies. He completed his medical degree at Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine. After first working in large animal care in Tennessee, he returned to this area to begin his own small animal practice. Brian partnered with Dr. Karen Hagan in 1998 to purchase Goshen Animal Clinic and continue the tradition of quality veterinary care in this area. He is passionate about providing superior medical care for pets and outstanding customer care for their families. Brian has had advanced training in veterinary orthopedics and ultrasound that compliment his progressive approach to patient care. Brian is also a husband to his lovely wife Jill, father of two sons, Logan and Casey, and active member of the community. He has two dogs, Katie (Westie) and Shelby (Weimaraner) but has personal experience with pets of all sizes, breeds and species.

Brian is dancing for the Arrow Fund primarily due to the outstanding work they do in this community as advocates for animal welfare. "The Arrow Fund takes on the toughest cases of animal abuse, torture and neglect but also serve to encourage the criminal prosecution of the abusers. They serve as a voice for the animals exposed to hardships and injuries at the hands of those who would mistreat them."

Yvonne Hubrich

Dancing For:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Yvonne is resident of Prospect, KY, a Licensed Esthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist and owner of Polished Beauty & Permanent Makeup as well as holds the position of Business Management Developer for CrossCountry Mortgage. To say she is busy is an understatement. She is a proud mother of two beautiful and amazing children, Jacob & Hannah. Jacob is a Junior at UofL this year and Hannah, a freshman at NOHS. Watching her children grow into amazing young adults is one of Yvonne’s greatest joys. Yvonne enjoys spending time with her family & friends doing fun and adventurous activities, watching UofL sports, ** GO CARDS **!, and has also developed an Organic & Natural skincare line of products – “Living Pure Naturals”. Living naturally and organically was a need that turned into a passion and way of life.

Yvonne has chosen the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as her charity as it sits close to her heart and hits close to home. Yvonne’s mother, Bonnie and younger brother, Joe, are both Type I Diabetics. Growing up with a brother who had to give shots 3 times a day and watching her parents stress about the smallest everyday items, gave Yvonne a whole new perspective in her younger years. Her mother was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in her early 50’s and she hopes to help raise money to find a cure so her loved ones and millions other’s will no longer suffer with this terrible disease.

"My Christian faith has been a center point of my life. I hope to leave others feeling loved, cared for and valued. I love and live by the following sayings: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”, "You want to go fast, go alone, you want to go far, go together" & "Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see". (Hebrews 11:1) I am honored and excited to be included as one of the participants of this year’s Dancing with the Stars Prospect and hope to make my family proud, inspire my children to do for others, encourage others to give to a great cause and not fall on my face!"

Faith Yascone

Dancing For:

Fund for the Arts

Jasmine Sanchez

Dancing For:

Stay Positive Stay Aggressive

A Bowling Green native, Jasmine attended WKU where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing. Jasmine is the New Business Strategist for a national full-service Creative Agency, OOHology, headquartered here in Louisville. Jasmine enjoys helping others and is heavily involved in the community. She serves as a current Director on the Board for the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys traveling, music, being outdoors, and all things animal related. She stays busy and active as a career-focused young mother of one, Molly Maria, who is six years old.

“"I chose SPSA after meeting its Founder, Jade Mitchell, and falling in love with the vision and mission of his non-profit. I believe that no matter what, we all have the power to change the world if we stick together and help each other. I have always felt a calling to help others and I am constantly taking on new fundraising projects. I am passionate about this one because I plan to give SPSA the exposure and recognition that it deserves. I hope that I can serve as inspiration to others by showing people that no matter what, there is always time to help others and if it means stepping out of your comfort zone to be a light to others, accept the challenge!"

The Contestants

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A native of Oldham County, Chad Acree is the Senior Corporate Accountant and Human Resources professional at Unified Technologies. He is proudly representing his BeeHive family and friends by dancing for The Alzheimer’s Association. Chad will be dancing in honor of his grandfather as well as those he’s close to who have understood what awareness of the organization means. When asked if he would dance there was no way he could refuse. It’s what Chad does.

Chad was brought up in a family dedicated to helping those who experience Alzheimer’s. Beyond the obvious reason to work with his friends at The BeeHive, Chad is deeply committed to our common vision of helping each individual, as well as those who act as their support structure to succeed. He is gladly welcoming the opportunity to raise awareness and support the work that his friends and family do.

Faith Hope Yascone was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. Faith Hope earned her BA in Film and Television Production from Columbia College and has worked in television production as an executive director, producer, live director and editor. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, SAG Actor, and has a strong resume in film/television production (NABET-CWA). She is currently working within her family business, (specializing in event locations). As a SAG (union) Actor, she has been featured in television, film and many national commercials.

As an artist, Faith Hope has decided to support The Fund for the Arts. As she believes art gives life inspiration and The Fund for the Arts, makes the arts accessible to everyone!

"In life I have found that having an Art background allows me a foundation for inspiration that is accessible at all times. Art is my muse, art feeds my life and gives me hope! Art is my beacon to happiness."

“Whether it is Shirley Temple and Bojangles doing tap dance in ‘Little Colonel’ or Fred and Ginger doing anything, or Uma in ‘Pulp Fiction’ dancing and film seem to go hand in hand!”

Gill lives in a 200 year old house in Harrods Creek. He coined the term NuLu and has been instrumental in turning the area into a thriving arts/design/local food and sustainable district as president of the NuLu Business Association for many years. He and his wife (and 3 children) opened Louisville's Green Building, KY's greenest commercial structure. A Spirit Award nominee for film producer of the year (the Oscars for independent films), Gill has over 100 movie producing credits. Gill is a former lawyer, runs sonaBLAST! Records and is involved on many cultural boards. He was named 2009’s Person of the Year by Louisville Magazine, and has now turned his attention to Louisville’s Portland neighborhood.

His doctor at birth was amazed to discover he is one of the few humans actually born with two left feet.

Foster was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Foster and his family made the move to Louisville, KY in 2014 after spending a few years in Los Angeles, CA and Bluffton, SC. Foster lives in Prospect with his wife, Nicole and his daughter, Emma. He and his family moved to Louisville so that Emma could attend the Bluegrass Center for Autism. Emma had a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 11, as many girls do. ASD is less prevalent in girls than boys, and girls do not present with the classic textbook symptoms making diagnosis challenging.

“The Bluegrass Center for Autism provided Emma with the opportunity to make true progress for the first time in her life.” Giving back to this incredible organization has been a natural passion for the McCarl family, and this is why it was the obvious choice for Foster when asked to participate in Dancing with Prospect Stars. In his free time, Foster enjoys cigars and golf, and is also training for a marathon and a triathlon.

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