Barry is the reigning 2019 Mirror Ball Trophy Winner, raising $30,000 for the American Heart Association!

Dr. Barry Denton is a born and raised Louisvillian who is passionate about the community in which he calls home. After spending 22 years serving the city of Louisville as a Sergeant with Louisville Metro Police Department, where he commanded the Bomb Squad, he continued his service in the non-profit field.  

Barry served first as the executive director of the Louisville Metro Police Foundation and is now the executive director of the American Heart Association. “Coming from a law enforcement family, my father, grandfather, uncle and cousin served on the police force. I was raised in a life of service so I just followed in their footsteps. Unfortunately, what also has been a family tradition is heart disease, which has led me to my goal-to decrease cardiovascular disease in our city, as well as improve the health of those we serve!”

Besides spending time with his lovely wife, Julie, and their two daughters Caroline and Callie, Barry also volunteers his time as the Vice President of the Chamber of St. Matthews, serves on the board of directors of the Kentucky Derby Festival and is the Flotilla Commander for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in Prospect.