Marilyn Black

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Childhood hunger is something that can affect any one family. Did you know that 1 out of every 7 children leave school not knowing where their next meal will come from? It could be your family, your neighbors, your children’s school mates. Interior Designer, Marilyn Black, comes to this competition to bring awareness to an important mission started in Kentuckiana. Kans for Kids is a local non-profit organization founded by close friend, Kathlene. The mission is simply this: fight to end childhood hunger, one community at a time. Started in 2011, Kathlene and her group have helped over 250,000 residents! At 19 years of age, Kathlene saw a growing need for food and clothing throughout students of a small
public school outside of Indianapolis. Without the funds, she turned to her family for support in distributing meals to families during the holiday season. What she didn’t realize was how this simple act of kindness could BLOSSOM into what Kans for Kids is today.

In the last 8 years, Kans for Kids has opened 5 pantries to assist families in need. With your donations, you will help Kathlene and her team
reach their new goal of opening additional pantries throughout our community. According to a journal published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, lacking in nutrients will have a lasting effect on
children’s behavior, academics, and emotional state of mind. More recent studies (Contemporary Pediatrics Vol. 30, Issue 2) show that the sad reality is that this is something that effects 1 out of 5 families throughout the country. Kans for Kids has the power to touch so many lives while leaving a
positive everlasting impact throughout our home state and surrounding communities.

Marilyn is a lead designer for a locally owned company, Closets by Design (CbD). Imagine your home completely organized! CbD is known for their cabinet design and home organization services – from pantries and offices, to garages and of course CLOSETS. Their cabinet designs are warranted for life, and their solutions are sure to fit any budget and lifestyle. Marilyn is known for being a passionate person about her work, art and family, as well as animal protections and safety. Throughout her life, she has
shown her love of the arts in many forms. She has created special moments from floral design to painting, all the way to home renovations and remodels. Her biggest key to success is to find the underlying issues within the home of her clients, issues that they may not even realize they have, and addressing them with more sustainable and efficient solutions. When she is not at work, Marilyn can be found at local parks with her dog, Caesar, or at a local coffee shop for relaxation. Buying local is big in her life.

Marilyn invites you to support this mission in the in the fight to make hunger history. NO CHILD SHOULD EVER GO HUNGRY! Your donations will go towards creating a future worth living for so many young lives.

You can find the website for Kans for Kids and see their amazing accomplishments on