Elvis is in the building!  We’re honored that Elvis will join us for our special evening and even more excited that he’ll be performing several songs AND will then take the Judges’ Stage to offer his expertise on our Stars.  After all – it takes a Star to know other Stars!! 

Elvis – aka, Jesse Garon, explains his passion this way:

“There is now a fancy name TRIBUTE ARTIST. I can accept it but it really is a funny thing that seems to exalt the person doing the impression instead of the Artists being paid tribute to. If you look at the fancy new name it makes the impressionist the ‘ARTIST’.

It is a little hard for me to call this art. Craft? I can really agree with that statement. If there is really any art in what we do it is in the staging and presentation. I have referred to myself as a recreation and re-imagining of the original.

So am I an impersonator, no, not really, but I am an entertainer with a dictionary! So….I looked up impersonator in the dictionary: im·per·son·a·tor…1. A person who pretends to be another.  2. An actor who impersonates specific persons or types of persons as a form of entertainment. 3. Female impersonator.

Since I don’t do drag, number 3 is out. I am named after a famous person but not really pretending to be him, but to be inspired by or even in the old sense of the word, MARKED by them, then number 2 might be closer to my act. So for sake of modern thought, I am a tribute artist.”

Regardless of the definition – we’re thrilled Elvis has joined us for this very special evening raising money for these phenomenal charities!